Concept & Logo Design  (Every picture tells a story) a
These images are designed to express complex concepts for books, magazines, festival logos and advertising.  Such goals often require design choices blending photography, custom artwork and extensive post processing to achieve desired results.                                           View Portfolio

The late Iain Banks, a popular Scottish writer is published by Little, Brown Book Group in Londo.  his image was chosen for the commemorative edition.

 We placed this photograph in Getty Images to express a difficult,demanding, and likely perilous personal journey to an unlnown destination.


The Brooklin Annual Summer ArtFest celebrates the performing arts. So the organization wanted to express this with just a single, memorable logo.

 The logo is based on a painting created by artist Martha Weber for the festival.  It is inspired by the summer colours she sees in trees, flowers, grass, water, sun and sky on her farm from dawn to dusk. Through it all runs the creative energy brought by artists, dancers, and musicians.  Read the whole story here

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